Thursday, March 10, 2011

Note to my Disapproving Sister at the Office

Don’t hate me because I love the chocolate in my skin
And the kyar in my hair
Yes I have African in me, can’t you tell

While you try so hard to be ‘Professional’, I am developing me
While you flip your lyed to hair and expose your silicones to impress
I am too busy studying and praying to play temptress

While you teach your daughter how not to love and embrace her God-given beauty
I am teaching mine how to appreciate every part of her as a beautiful gift from God, not meant to be tampered with

You can subscribe to whatever magazine or channel you like
Just don’t include me in your self- hating diatribes
I don’t need to subscribe to your ideal
I have my own and I adjust it accordingly

So when you see me wear my hair in locks and twists
And walk as if I am moving to my own rhythm
Don’t hate sister, just be happy
It’s because I am at peace, and I am being exactly who I want to be.

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