Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Updated pics of my sisterlocks journey

First pic is actually a pic of me at four months sisterlocked. I actually kick myself everyday for not taking pictures of my installation and first couple months of being locked. I started off with two inches of hair after a big chop. It will be five years on July 10th since I have been sisterlocked!
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Totally Green and raw vegan breakfast

I believe I thrive on a vegan diet rich in greens. When I became vegan my hair thanked me for it and grew even more. I don't eat processed vegan junk or oils either. I try to keep everything as fresh and natural as possible. I believe what you put in your body is very important and usually manifests itself in your skin, hair , nails and overall health. I try to keep my diet at least sixty percent raw on a daily basis, with a huge raw green salad for lunch. Some days I actually eat a one hundred percent raw diet depending on the availability of fruits and vegetables. For example yesterday I got a huge bag of one of my favorite mangoes, the Saint Lucian "Mango fil" which is creole for "Mango Thread" which are about to become breakfast. This morning I had my usually celery-apple juice which rehydrates me and sets the pace for the rest of the day after an hour long walk. See pic below: I am about to eat at least eight of these mangoes an hour later: This concludes my breakfast for the morning!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Postpartum sisterlocks

So I have had several people ask me about how my sisterlocks fared during and after pregnancy. I must say that I am quite lucky and didn't have any issues during pregnancy despite the fact that my locks were some what neglected while I was pregnant. I would retighten small sections at a time and not all of my locks got re-tightened on a regular basis. Anyway they still fared quite well and came out of pregnancy thicker and longer than ever. I even have two extra locks that weren't there before (currently in baby-locks stage).My only issues were with dryness. For this I used fresh Aloe Vera juice when washing. This Aloe Vera I cut from a plant in my backyard. I would also put a few drops of coconut oil in water steeped in rosemary and use that as my final rinse when washing my hair. This worked wonders and returned my locks to its pre-pregnancy moisturized state.Above is a pic of my locks two weeks Postpartum. I also returned to my pre-pregnancy vegan diet which I had slacked on while pregnant. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw whenever possible. Also eat a lot of peas, beans and nuts and hardly ever cook with oils. Below is a pic of my locks two weeks Postpartum.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Toledo private school orders student to remove Sisterlocks before returning to school Monday

Toledo private school orders student to remove Sisterlocks before returning to school Monday

I cannot believe something like this is happening in this day and age. I think we need to claim our power as a race and start fighting for what is right. For too long we have handed over our power without a fight. Its tough raising strong confident children in this world where they come up against so much.It takes so much out of you, but for the future of our children we have to strive to go that extra mile.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feeling Natural

This pic was taken after I went to the hot water baths in the hills of Souffiere, Saint Lucia. I don't know, but something about the warm mineral baths always makes my skin glow and my hair shine. I never tire of taking trips there, even though I often suffer from motion sickness whenever I have to navigate the many corners and turns along the mountainside. The end result is always worth it. I just love the Caribbean!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Note to my Disapproving Sister at the Office

Don’t hate me because I love the chocolate in my skin
And the kyar in my hair
Yes I have African in me, can’t you tell

While you try so hard to be ‘Professional’, I am developing me
While you flip your lyed to hair and expose your silicones to impress
I am too busy studying and praying to play temptress

While you teach your daughter how not to love and embrace her God-given beauty
I am teaching mine how to appreciate every part of her as a beautiful gift from God, not meant to be tampered with

You can subscribe to whatever magazine or channel you like
Just don’t include me in your self- hating diatribes
I don’t need to subscribe to your ideal
I have my own and I adjust it accordingly

So when you see me wear my hair in locks and twists
And walk as if I am moving to my own rhythm
Don’t hate sister, just be happy
It’s because I am at peace, and I am being exactly who I want to be.