Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Totally Green and raw vegan breakfast

I believe I thrive on a vegan diet rich in greens. When I became vegan my hair thanked me for it and grew even more. I don't eat processed vegan junk or oils either. I try to keep everything as fresh and natural as possible. I believe what you put in your body is very important and usually manifests itself in your skin, hair , nails and overall health. I try to keep my diet at least sixty percent raw on a daily basis, with a huge raw green salad for lunch. Some days I actually eat a one hundred percent raw diet depending on the availability of fruits and vegetables. For example yesterday I got a huge bag of one of my favorite mangoes, the Saint Lucian "Mango fil" which is creole for "Mango Thread" which are about to become breakfast. This morning I had my usually celery-apple juice which rehydrates me and sets the pace for the rest of the day after an hour long walk. See pic below: I am about to eat at least eight of these mangoes an hour later: This concludes my breakfast for the morning!

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