Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Postpartum sisterlocks

So I have had several people ask me about how my sisterlocks fared during and after pregnancy. I must say that I am quite lucky and didn't have any issues during pregnancy despite the fact that my locks were some what neglected while I was pregnant. I would retighten small sections at a time and not all of my locks got re-tightened on a regular basis. Anyway they still fared quite well and came out of pregnancy thicker and longer than ever. I even have two extra locks that weren't there before (currently in baby-locks stage).My only issues were with dryness. For this I used fresh Aloe Vera juice when washing. This Aloe Vera I cut from a plant in my backyard. I would also put a few drops of coconut oil in water steeped in rosemary and use that as my final rinse when washing my hair. This worked wonders and returned my locks to its pre-pregnancy moisturized state.Above is a pic of my locks two weeks Postpartum. I also returned to my pre-pregnancy vegan diet which I had slacked on while pregnant. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw whenever possible. Also eat a lot of peas, beans and nuts and hardly ever cook with oils. Below is a pic of my locks two weeks Postpartum.

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