Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pictures from my Sisterlocks Journey so far


Nabou said...

Hi Paulapatricia !

I like the way you show the chronological evolution of your sisterlocks. It's amazing to see the way they have changed, they look really nice. I hope I'll get ther someday.

Peace !

Paulapatricia said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback Nabou. Growing sisterlocks is a process that is enjoyable in all stages despite the little things we obssess about on a daily basis.

Sunshine72 said...

Hello Paulapatricia!! Your sisterlocks are very beautiful! I like the way that you put your pics in chronological order. I will keep in touch and visit your blog weekly. I also have a blog and would love for you to leave comments about your daily routine, hair products, or anything that you want.

Paulapatricia said...

Thanks for the compliments Sunshine I will definitely visit your blog.

tongchen@seattle said...

Greetings from USA! I love your blog.
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