Saturday, June 19, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I have always wanted to blog about my sisterlocks but just never got around to it. Now finally, here I am. I have been sisterlocked for 23 months. It has been an interesting Journey so far.

I have learned things about my hair and black hair in general. It has mostly been a positive experience , with a few exceptions. Caribbean people still find it difficult to embrace their true selves. I have been to church and heard the Pastor say some pretty degrading things about locked hair. It was strange sitting there in the audience listening to it. You would think that a man of God would preach Bible truths and not fallacy based on his personal opinion and biasness. I bet he would cringe if he knew that some members of his congregation asked me about my locks after church and how they could get it done too.It is a classic case of putting down what you know nothing about. Locks have been around for hundreds of years and were worn by people from many different races and creeds.

Ok, ok I will stop being so passionate for now, since this is only my first blog post. Tomorrow I will post some pics of my journey since I got my sisterlocks installed in July 2008.

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